This is a page for the research of the humans who travel from "Earth" to Reverie state. They say they come from a world named "Earth" with various "States" (Our world is translated to Past world however we refer to our "State" as Reverie).. Once it was discovered that there was a tear between our worlds we had to start research. We found passing through this tear alone was extremely painful- and so we created a device that travels between the tear that blends in perfectly with the humans within the territory of the tear. It is described as a "Train" and only certain humans can enter through this- most humans feel overwhelming dread and powerful enternal pains before boarding the train and is expected to be "Haunted" despite the fact it's simply being bodily reactions to change such as a a new world. So far only a few humans have been able to pass with them all having one thing in common. They've all had some sort of sad upbringing and/or some sort of tramua. It is believed that only humans who are willing to discover a new life are ones who are able to board the train bringing them here. It is assumed to be related with the trauma response of "Escapism" where humans wish they could be somewhere else to avoid everyday struggles. Which is why people who are happy with their life have such a strong reaction to the otherworldly train. More will be documented shortly. Enjoy your stay.